Analysts estimate that purchased services invoice errors account for as much as 3-7% of hospitals' total costs.

How can YOUR hospital uncover the hidden opportunities for margin improvement hiding within your purchased services spend? 

To empower you to answer that question, we created this concise assessment. Its power comes from VIE Healthcare's experience showing hospitals like yours how to use best practices in critical areas to take control of your purchased services costs--experience that has generated more than $745 million in non-labor cost savings and revenue improvements.

Your answers to these quick questions will let us provide (1) a detailed evaluation of your current practices and (2) personalized recommendations in three key areas:

  1. Margin improvement strategy,
  2. Purchased services, and
  3. Best practices for hospital adoption.

Once you submit your answers, you can download your results and recomendations in a PDF.

Which of the following best describes your hospital?
And which of these statements best describes your hospital?
Do you plan to invest in supply chain and procurement in the next 12 months?